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Clinics in the following :


The human body are series of links called the kinetics chain that can be described as a series of joint movements, that makes up larger movement.
In running we move in the Sagittal plane as arms and legs move forward, with this, is also a rotational component as the joint of the leg lock to support your body weight, main muscle involve is quads, hip flexor, hamstrings, gluteus and calf muscle.


This is the study of structure, function and motion of the mechanical aspect of the biological systems.
We will biomechanical principles force-motion, range of motion, inertia and force time. Inertia is the resistance to the exercise.
Biomechanics is a field of sports science that applies the laws of mechanics and physics to human performance to gain a greater understanding of performance in physical activity


The basic movement patterns are movement that allow the body to be coordinated in these simple movement; lateral motion, weight transfer, forward motion, up & down motion and coordinating upper and lower body movement this is why we at the Academy advocate for the Turkish Get Up (TGU).


Effect of functional foot orthotics on stability, gradual shift in initial foot to ground contact. Footwear construction and the effects on the feet and ground reaction forces (GRF).


This is exercise conditioning and strength training. The Academy of Sports Science advocates for the Turkish Get Up (TGU), this movement pattern develops balance in the neurological and muscles development.


Muscle and tendons have neural reflex arc that prevents excessive stretching, or tension developing. The receptor in muscle are sensitive to change in length & tension.