What We Are About

The Academy of Sports Science was formed exclusively to help sports coaches and athletic teams to understand the core mechanisms involved in training the pediatric and adolescent sports athletes. Through the comprehensive understanding of the sports team’s physiology and genetic make-up, our experts at the Academy of Sports Science can help your athletes and sports team minimize the chance of injuries while enabling them to perform to their fullest potential.

The pediatric athlete’s overall structure is different as he or she is not a small adult, and the same goes for the adolescent athlete, too, as they are continually growing and developing. Pediatric and adolescent athletes’ continual dynamic changes and the process of physiological and mental development is a vital process that needs to be taken into account when it comes to sports science.

Sports coaches need to understand the complete dynamics of these changes in young athletes to serve them better while helping them unleash their true potential in sports and training. At the Academy of Sports Science, our main goal is to assist coaches and their respective teams in helping them know when their young athlete has reached a definitive milestone and what kind of changes they are going through. With constant guidance on how to alter the training and coaching programs to accommodate the changes in young athletes better, the Academy of Sports Science experts is here to guide various coaches and sports staff to help maximize the potential of their young teams and athletes. With a dedicated team of sports scientists, medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, and trained nurses that are always ready to assist the coaches and trainers, the Academy of Sports Science is redefining young athlete sports development.

We Can Come to You

One of the unique things about the Academy is that we will send a sport scientist to you and your team’s location, and they will assess your athlete’s muscle balance and function with complete competence. You also, as a sports coach, can tell your personal sports scientist the training plans for your team and have them assessed for the right components and subtleties for the age group of your athletes.

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What We Do

Our expert sports scientists don’t only hold degrees in sports science, exercise science, and kinesiology; they all are functional movement specialist (FMS), corrective exercise specialists (CES) and performance enhancement specialists (PES). They also possess a diverse range of certifications and references.

We are not just coaching specialists’ but are sports scientists that assist the coaches and the trainers in maximizing the potential of young athletes while keeping them fit, active, and healthy. Through functional movement assessment and testing, we can help you reduce the chance of injuries and help you understand what changes are occurring within your team because sports is science, and we are scientists.

Help Your Athletes Reach Their Optimal Performance

By understanding growth and the maturation of pediatric and adolescent athletes, we can help you better understand your team and get better outcomes. Having your team assessed by a highly trained sports scientist will help you as a coach and trainer reduce the possibility of injury or the over usage of your athletes.

Parents & Their Involvement

The responsibility of safe and sound sports practice is not only concerned with the team coach, but the athlete’s parents are also responsible. With the all-inclusive approach to sports development for young athletes, we work with parents to understand what is happening with their kids as they take on sporting activities. We recommend parents to encourage their kids to participate in a host of different activities and sports.

Team Effort = Maximum Effort

The Academy of Sports Science conducts educational talks to provide you with information about the science behind your chosen sport so that you can get a better understanding of what the future holds for you. We consider sports science a team effort.


The Academy of Sports Science holds clinics and provide medical consultation services on running as well as the precise biomechanics of foot placement while running or sprinting. All this is done in conjunction with Runnergy, a dedicated running company based in Sherman Oaks, California, and the Clinics of Pedorthic Sciences, a company specializing in footwear and biomechanics located in the Central Valley of California.

If you would like a clinic held at your school or facilitate, please contact us.

Our Mission

At the Academy of Sports Science, our mission is to help athletes and coaching seamlessly to better understand the core mechanisms behind injuries as well as the free participation in sports, activities ranging from recreational, semi-professional, and professional levels.
We specialize in pediatric and adolescent sports science.

The Academy of Sports Science

  • Education
  • Trust
  • Knowledge
  • We will do No Harm.

What is a Sports Science?

This a discipline of science that involves the studies of how the healthy human body works during exercise and sports. Sports Science involves exercise physiology, sport psychology, anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry, nutrition, strength and conditioning, human movement, motor control, fitness, and exercise science as well as exercise prescription. It also involves human growth, aging, athletic training, and health promotion to optimize athletic performance and reducing injuries

Top Quality Staff

Our sports scientists are the best in the business and are focused, respectful, professional, responsible, and possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the movement sciences of the human body. At the Academy of Sports Science, all the experts and sports scientists go through a rigorous background before any involvement with the Academy.

Discovering & Maximizing your Potential

We are the Academy of sports science,and our mission is to educate coaches and athletes impeccably to help both enhance their approach and training programs. We can provide you with information and correct practice for the pediatric and adolescent athletes, starting from ages 4 – 25,and we can help you through the rigidities of a sporting career and athletic lifestyle.

Our passion is to help you reach your full potential in all your sporting pursuits.

Strength and Conditioning

The Academy has access to some of the most elite strength coaches who will assist you in creating the right program for your young athletes while providing you with the most current information on strength and conditioning,especially for the pediatric and adolescent performers.

Strong Backing

The Academy has a team of the sports-minded medical physicians to assist our sports scientist in our decision making for the teams or individuals who chose to use the Academy to optimize their potential. The Academy has its own Chief Medical Officer and support staff at disposal to help everyone maximize their true potential.

Good Fit Policy

The Academy of Sports Science is here to work with everyone from parents, coaches, teams, sports staff, facilities, elementary schools, and high schools to help the pediatric and adolescent athletes go the distance. The Academy was created to help you as the coach or trainer, and our vision is to transform into a central point for everyone involved in pediatric sports.

Get A Clinic – We offer free clinical consultancy in the following,

  • Footwear Therapy
  • Movement Analysis
  • Biomechanics of your Sport
  • Stretching
  • Injury Prevention
  • Prehab
  • Functional Rehab for The Young Athlete

Your first clinic with the Academy is free,and after the initial appointment, we will charge a small fee to cover our expenses.

How do I get a sports scientist assigned to my team?

This is only possible if you have received one of our free clinics,and we have you on our records with the name of your coach and contact details along with the size of your team as well as functional movement analysis profile. After all this, you can be assigned your own personal sports scientist.

Do you have a membership to the Academy?

We are currently working on developing a membership service giving you access to current information on sports science, nutrition, sports psychology, exercise science, and sports footwear technology.