What is Sports Science?

Sports Science- applies the study of science to sporting teams. Human movement from developmental to maturity, physiology, psychology, motor control / learning & biomechanics.


What is a Sports Scientists ?

We are an education company we’re here to provide education to sports coaches and parents to help them understand how important sports science to there young athlete performance.


What is a Sports Scientists

Sports scientists assist individual athletes and teams to improve their sporting performance through the use of scientific principles, knowledge, methods and application.


The Academy of Sports Science is in the business of education, we are educators who will teach you about the science behind your sport.


We only use peer reviewed research in our teaching we will in devour to be at the cutting edge of sports science information.


We the academics knowledge and clinical along with the practical and hands on experience in sports and fitness science.

About Us

The Academy of Sports Science was formed exclusively to help sports coaches and athletic teams to understand the core mechanisms involved in training the pediatric and adolescent sports athletes. Through the comprehensive understanding of the sports team’s physiology and genetic make-up, our experts at the Academy of Sports Science can help your athletes and sports team minimize the chance of injuries while enabling them to perform to their fullest potential.

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Mission statement

Our mission is to assist coaches, parents and the young athletes in there pursuit of athletics excellence. We are here to guide you and remind you that CHILDREN ARE NOT SMALL ADULTS

The Academy of Sports Science was created to help you the coach get your young athletes to achieve there maximum potential while monitoring there growth and maturation.

Information: This vital stage starts at 4 and continue until 24 through this whole time your young athlete is experiencing mayor changes and major developments our sports scientist will help you negate through this to help your young athletes achieve their goals.

OUR PROMISE: We will do no harm


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